I offer workshops for groups of teachers, students, and communities interested in literature and language learning, poetry and mindfulness.

Below, I’ve listed some examples, but please feel free to contact me to discuss your group’s interests and needs. I design customized workshops of different topics and lengths for each group I work with.

Here are some examples of work I have done:

  • Week-long course for an English department in bilingual high school on poetry and literature fundamentals (focused on reading) for the English-learning classroom
  • Week-long course for an English department on writing in the English-learning classroom
  • One day creative writing workshop for an English department at a bilinugal high school on incorporating creative writing into the English-learning classroom
  • Guest sessions at university in Costa Rica (for students) on literature reading strategies, discerning meaning of new vocabulary from context, descriptive writing, intercultural communication

Some current projects and workshop ideas (I can adapt any courses I currently offer to a live workshop setting.)

  • Reading poetry with mindfullness, with your whole self; an introduction to reading and appreciating poetry
  • Rest in Poetry: A “retreat” (online) incorporating poetry and mindfulness practices; a study in what qualities make poetry and art restorative
  • Introduction to poetry reading (and writing), focused on poetic elements (imagery, figurative language, etc.)