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Books from Lesson Posts (Alpha by Author)

Resources and Anthologies on Literature and Teaching

A great overall resource! Note: I recommend the 9th edition or earlier
Concise guide to teaching and reading basic elements of poetry
A variety of very short fiction by well-known authors. Perfect for one lesson.
I LOVE this book! A collection of quality prompts for writing poetry
A variety of very short fiction pieces, perfect for one class period.
Readable, short intros to literary theory

Recommended Websites

  • Poetry Foundation: More than 40,000 printable poems and lots of poetry resources (glossary of terms, info on history & poetic movements)
  • Another huge collection of poems. Check out their collection of materials for teachers.
  • Bill Moyers (and here) has some great interviews with poets over the years and a lot of poetry resources and lesson plans.

*I also encourage you to go to your local bookstore if possible. Here are some of the local stores that I love:

The Raven, Lawrence, KS * Brazos Bookstore, Houston, TX * Kaboom Books, Houston, TX * Grass Roots Books, Corvallis, OR * The Dusty Bookshelf, Lawrence, KS * Open Books, A Poem Emporium, Seattle, WA

Half Price Books also has great online ordering options.