5-Week Lesson Series

Reading Poetry or Short Stories


Creative Writing Workshop

Focused on a topic tailored to you.

Maybe you’re feeling isolated or stuck in your English learning and your daily life in general — and want to talk about bigger ideas, grow your vocabulary — more than in daily conversation.

Maybe you want to feel more confident in a client-facing role or want to apply for a job speaking clearly and confidently.

You read and write on your own but want to invigorate your study, find new authors and resources, want some guidance to grow your craft.

You want to enrich your life with more words, more art, more cultural conversations, more ideas and big questions.

I offer one-on-one sessions planned just for you and focused on your goals and interests. Take this time and space for yourself to enrich your vocabulary and rhythm in speaking or writing, and to bring new ideas into your life.

Have you wanted to commit to a class but then don’t have time or don’t follow through? Not interested in traditional grammar-focused, textbook-based classes?

The 5-week block is an easy, short-term commitment and a (light!) structure in which to immerse in literature and culture and move toward your English goals. These sessions are tailored to you, so you can feel free to work at your own pace, with guidance from me all along. At the end of each block, I’ll give you suggestions and a plan to continue on your own — or on another round with me! Keep reading for examples of what we can work on together in 5-week increments.

Grab a cup of coffee with me, read literature, and enrich your English — all online.

Benefits I See with Students After 5 Weeks:

  • Feel more fluent and confident in spoken language and rhythm
  • Learn about fundamental elements of poetry and/or fiction, classic & contemporary authors
  • More expansive conversation about meaningful ideas and questions of life — not just daily routines
  • See something in a new way, whether in the English language, in literature, or in life
  • Be empowered with a plan to continue your learning on your own — or keep studying with me!

Who do I work with?

  • Intermediate to Advanced English learners or native speakers interested in language and literature study
  • Adults in another career path who want to learn and enrich their humanities appreciation and knowledge;
  • And English majors and teachers who want to enrich or refresh their own English language and literature study and feel more equipped to teach literature to students
  • Lifelong learners who want to engage in rich discussion and feedback
  • Speakers of many languages in many countries!

Who are these lessons NOT for?

  • Beginning English learners
  • People who want a highly structured course using a textbook or intensive grammar study or more traditional methods

What Current Students Are Saying:

I enjoy working with Kristi. My main aim is to polish and amplify my active speaking vocabulary. The approach she chose for me (in-depth study of literature pieces) matches my interests quite well. I get to learn the manner of famous authors and peek into the toolkits of great masters like Hemingway, Bradbury, and more.”

Kristi is a wonderful teacher. She is always well prepared, patient, creative, and intellectually provocative. She is a very talented educator. We feel very fortunate that we are able to work with her.

Excellent teacher. She provides assignments before tutoring sessions and she reviews English composition. She assist students with their assignments. She is thorough and dedicated. She is detail oriented. I highly recommend her.”

Trial Session (Free) + 5 Lessons – $249

In the trial session, we’ll talk more about your goals and what you’d like to study. We’ll read and discuss a short piece together and talk more about how we can continue to work together. Then, you decide if you’d like to continue with the 5-week plan.

Examples of courses with current students:

  • Introduction to poetry, reading poems focused each week on a poetic element such as thingness/image, word choice & figurative language, rhythm, form.
  • Introduction to short fiction, reading prose focused on character, setting, point of view, plot/structure, and syntax.
  • Study in literary Modernism, focusing on Imagist and Modernist poets, the Harlem Renaissance, and more
  • Contemporary short fiction & American culture, reading selections from Best American Short Stories 2020
  • Classic & contemporary novels, reading a variety of first chapters
  • Creative writing prompts and poem feedback and revision each week
  • Writing song lyrics from idea to draft to completed form
  • Your vision here!

Your Lessons Include:

  • Live one-on-one sessions on Zoom or Skype
  • Assignments, prompts, writing feedback if you choose
  • A plan for further study at the end


  • Easy weekly lesson time or book week by week according to your schedule
  • Google docs with lesson notes, exercises, writing prompts, as suited to your lesson plan, for your continued study even after the course
  • Weekly Zoom meet-up with other students for conversation and/or bonus mini-lesson
  • Self-assessment, feedback, tips at the end of every 5-week block

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Kristi is a poet, writer & editor, and has been an educator for 15 years. She writes about cross-cultural ties, relationship to the land and place, and is interested in the intricacies of poetic translation.

She’s taught AP literature, university lit & creative writing, and groups of adults and fellow educators in the US and in Costa Rica.

First discovering the benefits of literature study for English learners during her time with the Peace Corps in Costa Rica (and the need for accessible literature resources), Kristi has created this space on the Web to share with and support readers and creative writers across the wide world.