3 Short Stories for English Learners

I started ELLiterature in response to a challenge I and other teachers and students had in finding accessible literature for English learners to read.

Maybe you’ve experienced what I’ve experienced. “Classic” literature, written hundreds of years ago, is valuable, but the vocabulary is just not suited for those learning English, at least at first.

And many abridged stories, with their original language stripped down, are just boring.

I’m creating a collection of useable ESL, ELL, TEFL poetry, short stories, and nonfiction. I’ve included free teacher resources and student lessons that take you step-by-step through poems and short stories. Bonus, I’m also adding creative writing activities.

So here are a few recommendations to get you started! There is a free lesson on Sandra Cisneros’s “Hairs” (link below) and many more lessons to come! Also check back for online courses and book club offerings. Happy reading!

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Sandra Cisneros’s rich, poetic collection of very short vignettes is told from the point of view of Esperanza, who is growing up on Mango Street in a neighborhood with much to be desired.

Each story is a page or two long, and the vocabulary is accessible for ELLs and also rich and beautiful. There is so much value per word or page in this collection that English leaners will find much to enjoy and much to discuss. Appropriate for upper middle school through adults.

Read a sample and find a free lesson on “Hairs” here, PLUS a bonus creative writing prompt!

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In “The Pedestrian,” the main character is the last person who walks at night, just for enjoyment, while everyone else sits inside watching “viewing screens” the size of their walls. Like in so many of his stories, Bradbury has a way of seeing what is to come (“The Pedestrian” was published in 1951).

His stories are fitting for ELLs because he poses interesting problems of culture and society with accessible language and vivid characters, images, and plot turns that make great discussion starters as well as points of entry to talk about literary elements.

Check back soon to see a free lesson on “The Pedestrian” (more stories to come)!

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Flash Fiction is just what it sounds like — very short pieces of fiction that tell a story in a “flash.” The length alone makes these stories ideal for ELLs.

While some stories may contain very challenging vocabulary, this collection in particular includes engaging and meaningful stories such as Julia Alvarez’s “Snow,” a relatable piece for anyone who has moved (or dreams of moving) to the US and sees snow for the first time. You’ll find 72 different passages here, most appropriate for adult, university-aged, and even upper high school learners.

Check back soon to see a free lesson on “Snow” from this collection!

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