Poetry and Short Stories

for English Learners.

ELLiterature is a place to find accessible literature for English learning.

I specialize in working with writers from multiple language backgrounds writing in English. I also guide people through poems and stories, helping you see what to look for, building vocabulary and fluency while discussing big ideas, and teaching you to trust your responses.

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I’m Kristi. I’m a poet & writer & educator since 2005. Read more…

Lesson Collection

Browse the collection of short stories, poetry, and creative writing lessons. All texts are chosen for English learners, and all guide you through your reading.

Individual Literature Lessons for Adults

I am, first, a poet and writer, and I teach literature from a creator’s perspective.

I work with adults with a multi-lingual background who want to write in English or collaborate on translation projects; or who want to advance their English and have great conversation while gaining experience with literature.

Contact me to set up a trial lesson, and we can talk more about your goals.

Online Courses

Check out the latest course offerings in poetry, short stories, and creative writing.

Rest in Poetry: A 4-day online retreat of poetry and mindfulness
How to Read Poetry (With Your Whole Self)

I blog about the lessons I write, about language learning, and about the power of literature.

The Power of I, Too

Langston Hughes’s poem “I, Too,” first of all, has all the qualities I look for in a poem for English learners. The vocabulary is not too challenging, though there are…

Poetry & Protest

I have a new lesson up this week: William Stafford’s “At the Bomb Testing Site.” Just from reading the title, you can see that this poem points to protest, to…


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